Self-Publishing Tools, Tips, and Techniques

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Self-publishing has exploded in popularity in recent years. However, many authors hesitate to go this route because they think the process is extremely difficult. Or they take the plunge, make mistakes, and are disheartened. To make matters worse, self-publishing services have proliferated, preying on authors' uncertainties and lack of knowledge about self-publishing. These services often charge you excessive amounts of money to do what you can in fact do yourself.

Since 2009, I have been self-publishing my books and my wife's books, and I've helped two dozen clients to publish their own books—a total of almost 70 books as of autumn 2016. This book distills what I've learned about the process. I hope it will enable you to self-publish your book at little or no cost and not fall prey to scams.

To give you some idea of what the book will cover, here's the table of contents for the book. (This will change a bit by the time of publication.)



One: Our Story Thus Far
The Shrinking Publishing Industry
Should You Self-Publish?

Two: Self-Publishing Barriers
Self-Publishing Vampires and Scams
The Only Real Barrier

Three: The Publishing Sites
E-Book Formats
A Brief Historical Digression
The Three Sites I Use
How Much the Three Sites Pay You
When and How They Pay You
Setting Up Your Accounts
IRS Information

Four: What Does Self-Publishing Cost You?
Cost Areas
Print Edition or E-Book Edition?

Five: Puttin' on the Ritz
Six Print First or E-Book First?
E-Book Edition First
Print Edition First

Seven: Formatting the Print Edition
Use of Color
Image Resolution
Using Images in Word
Print Edition Formatting

Eight: Covers
Image Sources
Print Edition Cover
E-Book Cover
Last but Not Least

Nine: Publishing the Print Edition

Ten: Formatting the E-Book Editions
Formatting for Smashwords
Formatting for Amazon

Eleven: Publishing the E-Book Edition

Twelve: Your Web Site

Thirteen: Future Chapters—Looking Forward

The target for publication is March 2017, although it could slip to April 2017.

When the book is published, purchasing links will be added to this page.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when the book is published, please contact me at

On May 14, 2016, I gave a presentation about self-publishing to the Boulder Writers Alliance. The material in the presentation will be included in the book. You can see a PDF version of the slides I used by clicking here.