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Daniel Dvorkin is a joint production of David and Leonore Dvorkin Productions.

Our Online Store
A limited but stunning selection of products that no home or car or office should be without.

Products and Services

Margot's Shop
Leonore's sister sells a number of products based on her beautiful photographs.

The Center for Intimacy After Cancer Therapy
Helping survivors of cancer and their sexual partners address and resolve intimacy issues that arise after cancer therapy.

Lots of help and information for writing your resume.

The Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center

Swanson Vitamins
Great prices, very good Web site, quick delivery.

Tungsten Wedding Rings
Beautiful rings made from an astonishingly hard alloy.

Luca Oleastri (a.k.a. Innovari)
Illustrator. Beautiful art. The human figures are especially striking.

Menopause and Its Effect on Your Sleep
Actually a site selling a type of mattress, but it contains useful information and links.

Portal Tutoring
Tutoring in computers, adaptive equipment and braille.

A good source of adaptive products of many kinds, over 6,000 in all. Their main product categories include vision, hearing, mobility, medical, and computers. The company is owned and operated by individuals who are blind, deaf, and autistic. The MaxiAids catalog is available online, in print, and in CD-ROM format. Phone 1-631-752-0521 for information. The company also holds on-site training workshops for the blind, offering the blind marketable skills that they can use to attain gainful employment.

Writing and Publishing

Andrea Campbell
Titles on forensic science, criminal justice, entertaining, and others. Publishes a bi-monthly review newsletter, Soup's On. She interviewed Leonore on January 1, 2006.

Brian K. Nash
Author of a series of charming children's books about Valley View Farm.

C. Dean Andersson
Writer of top-notch horror and heroic fantasy and a really nice guy.

Gila Queen's Guide to Markets
Excellent market guide, sent via e-mail. Mostly sff/f/h.

IFD Publishing
Dedicated to the work of Alan M. Clark, the astonishing horror/fantasy/science-fiction artist.

Jane Archer
A fine writer and a fine friend.

Preditors and Editors
Huge resource site for information about publishers, agents, and more. Lists the good, the bad, and the yet-to-be-determined.

Top Author Blogs
A small but growing list of author's blogs, from the published to the novice.

West Side Books
3434 West 32nd Avenue, Denver. Phone: 303-480-0220

Who Else! Books
Inside the Broadway Book Mall, 32 Broadway, Denver. Phone: 303-733-3808

Writer Beware
Alerts you to many of the sharks and barracudas swimming in the waters of the literary biz.

Global Talk Radio
Internet radio station focusing on the arts, communication, and writing.

Non-Religion (and Some Religion)

Freedom From Religion Foundation
Another group fighting the good fight.

Godless in America

U Religion
Immense number of religion links — mostly pro, but some con.

Leftwing/liberal/progressive news and opinion sites

AlternetAMERICAblogAmerican Politics JournalBartcopBuzzflash ReportDemocratic UndergroundEric AltermanEschatonHullabalooInformed CommentIraq Coalition CasualtiesIs It Over Yet?Daily KosLean LeftLiberal OasisMyDDOrcinusPolitical WirePolitics1The Raw StorySorry, EverybodyTalking Points MemoTalk LeftThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWorld News Trust


Tell Me More
Dr. Daniel Tomasulo answers questions in Recovering the Self magazine.

A 90-minute live stage show about the effects of breast cancer and the many ways people deal with it.

BBC (news page)
The first radio news network, and still the greatest.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
Fighting the good fight.

The Joe Bob Report

The Onion
Gloriously sophomoric humor magazine.

Polling Report
Excellent place to find the latest political poll results.

Airlock Alpha
News about sicence fiction movies and TV shows.

More news about sicence fiction movies and TV shows, because there can never be enough of that. The site used to be called Sci Fi Wire, a name I much preferred. "Blastr"? Really?

SA Colorado
An organization for South Africans living in Colorado.

Learn about the Iraq War