Seeking only short-term Web development contracts where the work is done off site.


  • SQL
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • UNIX shell scripts
  • Oracle
  • SQL*Plus
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • RCS
  • CVS
  • SVN
  • SourceSafe
  • Dreamweaver
  • FrameMaker
  • MS Word
  • RoboHelp
  • RoboHTML
  • PhotoShop
  • Visio
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • vi
  • ant
  • csh
  • awk
  • sed
  • Cobol

Employment History

Contract Web Developer and Technical Writer (2009-present)

Solem Consulting

Created their Web site: http://www.solemeu.com/

Purple Sage Design

Created and maintained Web sites for their clients:


Wrote developer guides and API documentation.

Wisdom Cards

Performed maintenance on their Web site, including modifying the Lightbox JavaScript library: http://www.wisdomcards.net/


Rewrote the System Admin Guide for FaxCore 2007, the company's main product.

Quark (2006-2009) - Sr. Technical Writer

Primary duty was to maintain API documentation for various C++, Java, and C# plugins ("Quark XTensions").

Accucode - Contract Web Developer

This was a brief (three week) contract to perform Java maintenance work on a large grocery warehouse/E-Commerce system. It was a valuable opportunity to do full-time Java programming again, after a year of being primarily a tech writer.

BEA Systems (2005-2006) - Sr. Technical Writer / Programmer

I was a member of the team documenting the BEA WebLogic Workshop product, an Eclipse plugin IDE used by Java programmers to write enterprise Java applications running under BEA's WebLogic Server product. The documentation is installed as an Eclipse plugin. The authoring tool is Dreamweaver. My specific area was web services, for which I also write tutorials and code samples. On my own PC, I have written a web service in PHP that accesses the Amazon web service.

Breakthrough Management Group (2003-2004) - Software Engineer

BMG's main business is consulting and training in the general area of process improvement, focusing on Six Sigma. I served as the in-house expert or consultant for Questionmark, a commercial product used to create online tests for BMG's online Six Sigma Quality courses. I modified the look and feel of Questionmark and created in-house documentation on its use, thereby satisfying a previously very unhappy in-house Questionmark user. I created new reports for ProjX, BMG's Six Sigma project-management software, using Java, JSP, SQL, and XSLT under the Cocoon framework from Apache. The ProjX work was done under BEA Weblogic. I wrote online help, using RoboHTML, for eCourses, BMG's online course system for Six Sigma. I maintained online help and manuals for ProjX. I created an IT disaster recovery manual and an IT departmental policy manual. I wrote a system to send alerts to all employees by e-mail and AIM; written in Java/JSP; runs under Tomcat, uses Microsoft SQL Server.

InfoNow Corporation (1999-2003) - Software Engineer

I maintained and developed locators and lead systems. InfoNow's CGI software is written in Java and JSP. Client data is stored in Oracle tables, and client access is peformed via the Web. For new applications for which I was responsible, I designed the table schema and Java classes and wrote the Java and JSP code. On other projects, I functioned as a team member, usually using existing tables and classes. Code used embedded SQL queries. I also used SQL*PLUS to for data extracts and table and data maintenance. All of this work was done under Apache Tomcat.

FRx Software (1998-1999) - Technical Writer and Manager

I managed the technical writing group. I created an intranet site for the technical publications department and encouraged the rest of the company to use that site to obtain copies of documents. Other departments subsequently created their own intranet sites. I reorganized the documents the company included on its CDs, converting much of it to HTML, and helped the writers who reported to me learn HTML and JavaScript. I helped maintain and test online help.

Qualix (1997-1998) - Technical Writer

I created and maintained an intranet site, including writing CGI scripts in Perl. I created an HTML version of the Admin Guide that was shipped with DataStar, Qualix's data backup/replication product. I also maintained the hardcopy version of the document. I used JavaScript to add considerable ease of use and functionality to the HTML manual.

Contract Technical Writer (1995-1997)


I updated the user's manual and the utilities manual for Crystal Ball, Decisioneering's forecasting/modeling package. I wrote the user's manual and tutorial for the Windows 95 version of Analytica, a similar package marketed by Decisioneering and originally written for the Macintosh.

U S West

I wrote user's manuals, operations/installation guides, support plans, and disaster recovery manuals for a variety of telecommunications applications.

Kapre Software (1993-1995)

I wrote Perl scripts to automate various documentation maintenance tasks. I maintained the documentation for a C++ toolset. Also wrote release notes and maintained the style guide.

Contract Technical Writer (1992-1993)

Wild Hare Software

I updated a programmer reference manual for a COBOL compiler.

Larsen Writers

I updated the user's manual for banking software.

U S West (1985-1992) - Programmer/Analyst

I designed, developed, documented, trained users on, and supported an information system used to study and report on telephone customer usage characteristics. I developed numerous small applications to replace existing manual procedures. Work was in COBOL, Fortran, and C.

Energy Enterprises (1983-1985) - Programmer/Analyst

I maintained parts of the company's oil and gas reserve analysis program, RAMS, which was then the industry standard program. This included adding Canadian federal and provincial royalty calculations. I developed an application to download customer databases from the DEC-20 version of RAMS to an IBM PC and convert them to the database format used by the PC version of RAMS. Worked on parts of the PC version of RAMS. Work was in Fortran, Pascal, and PC assembly language.

Contract Software Developer (1980-1983)


I redesigned, developed, trained users on, and maintained an order-entry system.

Kaiser Permanente

I designed and developed, and trained users on, a system dealing with medical referrals. Work was in COBOL and Focus.

Homestake Mining

I designed and developed a system to track, report, and balance employee expenses and vendor invoices. I designed, developed, documented, trained users on, and maintained a system to record and report on geological samples for the processing lab. I maintained a commercial project planning/management package (including converting it from IBM to DEC). I performed feasibility studies of available commercial packages and data-processing services. Work was in Fortran.

Climax Molybdenum (1980) - Programmer/Analyst

I wrote extensive specifications and functional requirements documents for a proposed information system for geotechnical data collected in a mine. Work was in Fortran.

US Mine Safety and Health Administration (1974-1979) - Programmer/Analyst

I performed theoretical investigations and design, analysis, and programming on ventilation modeling, slope stability, water network balancing, water tank simulation, rock movements, and geotechnical simulations. Maintained various health and safety data bases and report programs. Developed a system for inventory, billing, and employee time reporting. Developed report programs to reconcile two different health and safety databases. Work was in Fortran and COBOL.

Martin Marietta (1971-1974) - Aerospace Engineer

I performed navigation error analysis for Viking Mars program. I was part of the team that developed the deorbit burn targeting software for Viking. Work was in Fortran.

NASA (1967-1971) - Aerospace Engineer

I performed navigation error analysis for Apollo Lunar program and Viking Mars program. I was a member of the committee formed to review available instrument landing systems and choose one for the Shuttle program. Work was in Fortran.


B.A. in mathematics and physics from Indiana University
M.S. in mathematics from the University of Houston
Weeklong intensive Java course at Sun Microsystems in Broomfield, Colorado
Various in-house courses in commercial software packages (e.g., SAS, FOCUS, ORACLE), and in telecommunications, statistics, orbital mechanics, astronomy


I am the author of numerous published novels and one non-fiction book on solar energy.

Contact Information

Home telephone: 303-985-2327
Cell phone: 303-885-3421
E-mail: david@dvorkin.com
Fax: 303-986-6361
Surface mail: David Dvorkin
2957 S. Quay Way
Denver CO 80227-3541