Book Cover Designs

Most of my books were originally published by traditional publishing companies, and of course in those cases the publishing company handled the design of the covers. A few of the results were wonderful, a few were the opposite of wonderful, and most were somewhere in the middle but generally quite good.

Now that I'm reissuing my old books as e-books and self-publishing my new books only as e-books, I've been designing the covers myself. I've also designed the covers for the e-book reissues of my wife's two books and for the e-book publications of a writer friend of ours, Brian Nash.

I've enjoyed it far more than I anticipated, and I think that the results range from very good to - I try to avoid false modesty - beautiful. At the very least, I don't think any of them is the opposite of wonderful.

Cover Design Services

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it for other people for a fee. At this point, I'm charging $50 for a cover, assuming that all images are provided (digitized images or original art, which I can scan). E-mail me if you're interested.

My Cover Designs

Below are thumbnails of all of those covers, plus the cover for Chains, the book I'm currently writing. If you click on a thumbnail, a separate window will open containing the full-size version of the cover.

David Dvorkin's Books

Leonore Dvorkin's Books

Brian Nash's Books